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Paso Robles Wheat Whiskey Cask Strength Batch #2

Paso Robles Wheat Whiskey
Cask Strength Batch #2

Limited Production

$110.00 Retail Price
$93.50 Club Price

112.5 Proof | 56.25% alc.

The heirloom Sonora white wheat and Metcalfe barley used as the base grains for this whiskey blend were grown, malted, brewed, distilled, and aged in Paso Robles! Re:Find provides a “mash bill” to the brew masters at Firestone Walker Brewing who then create a custom “wort” (liquids and extracted sugars from the grain mash) that Re:Find ferments, distills, and ages. This batch was aged in new 15-gallon American oak whiskey barrels and then finished for 6 months in a freshly emptied 60-gallon Syrah wine barrel. The whiskey was then bottled straight from the barrel at cask strength for you to enjoy. We call this whiskey Paso Robles whiskey because it was 100% created in Paso Robles and we have made sure to let the terroir shine through.

Recipes: Re:Find Old Fashioned, Fair Time


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