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You will notice that we do not sell vodka and gin on this website. That is for good reason. Due to California regulations, a spirits manufacturer is unable to both produce and sell spirits directly to the consumer. Rather, spirits must be sold through the 3-tier distribution system. However, because we are also a winery, we are able to craft and sell brandy. So, simply stated, RE:FIND Neutral Brandy and RE:FIND Botanical Brandy are RE:FIND Distillery's version of vodka and gin, respectively. The difference is in the distillation process and is small and technical. We craft these specialty brandies in order to sell our spirits directly to our consumers.

Neutral Brandy

RE:FIND Distillery's Neutral Brandy is essentially a vodka. Vodka, by definition, is a spirit that can be distilled from any base material (potato, grain, grapes, etc.), and is distilled to 95% alcohol (the alcohol is usually adjusted to 40% prior to bottling). Whereas a brandy, by definition, is a spirit that must be derived from grapes and distilled to no more than 94.9% alcohol. That's right, the difference is small and technical, but extremely important. RE:FIND Neutral Brandy is derived from the free-run juice of ripe, red wine grapes, is distilled to just below 95%, and then is adjusted down to 40% alcohol, or 80 proof, prior to bottling.

Botanical Brandy

Re:Find Distillery's Botanical Brandy is essentially a gin. Again, due to the above regulations, we are prohibited from both manufacturing and selling gin directly to consumers, so instead we craft Botanical Brandy. The base alcohol that we start with is RE:FIND Neutral Brandy. Then we add, through a vapor pass process, a proprietary blend of botanicals including juniper berry, coriander, orris root, lemon and orange peel, grains of paradise, and lavender that imparts a clean gin flavoring. Sustainability is the catalyst to this project, so we source most of our botanicals from farms on the Central Coast of California.

Seasonally Fresh Flavored Brandy

In April, 2013 we launched our Seasonally Fresh Flavored program. Staying consistant to our sustainable roots, we are crafting flavored spirits from locally grown produce when they are at their freshest - while they are in season. This translates to a more flavorful spirit for you to enjoy. Our production is limited due to our Seasonally Fresh concept, so be sure to follow us on Facebook at Re:Find Distillery to hear about our releases (or join our Spirits Club - they get first notice on when we release our Seasonally Fresh flavors).

Seasonal Schedule:

Limoncello - April
Kumquat - May
Cucumber - July